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Be The Best In The Business

Growing a profitable business demands hard work, perseverance and having the right connections! Nowhere in the DJ universe will you find people with more experience and knowledge than at Mobile Beat Las Vegas. Since it’s inception in 1995, Mobile Beat Las Vegas has been the magnet that attracts the best in the business.

Incomparable Entertainment!

As the Mecca for Mobile and Club DJs, Mobile Beat Las Vegas is also the place to find the music industry icons who are the soundtrack for the DJ profession. Celebrity level talent that has appeared at the show includes Vanilla Ice, Darryl McDaniels of RunDMC, Redfoo of LMFAO, Village People, Warrant, Chubby Checker, Cupid, DJ Casper, Tone Loc, Paul Oakenfold, and many more! Here’s who is coming to MBLV24.

Top Level Presenters

One of the things that brings attendees back year after year is the quality of the educational content offered at MBLV, which is untouched by any other conference within the industry.   The list of previous presenters includes Jon Taffer (Bar Rescue), Jeffrey Gitomer, Penn Jillette (Penn and Teller), along with top DJ service operators and business people from all walks. Presenting at MBLV24.

That Gear That Powers The Profession!

Mobile Beat Las Vegas has long been recognized as the first opportunity that DJs have to see, touch and try-out the latest in Audio, Lighting, Photo Booths and other DJ tech and accessories. This is where DJs come to see and put their hands on new gear and tech introduced just a few weeks earlier at NAMM and LDI.

Making Connections — Networking, Hall Talk and Amazing After Hours Events

While some DJs still believe that everything they need to know can be found online… The pros who attend Mobile Beat Las Vegas know that is simply not the case. True DJ success can only be achieved by being around other like-minded, success driven individuals. At Mobile Beat Las Vegas, you’ll not only get your head filled at the seminars, there’s a lot of other great information to culled simply by chatting with other DJs from around the country. Plus, the relationships and bonds forged by attending Mobile Beat Las Vegas with most likely last beyond your years at a professional Disc Jockey.