After Dark

MBLV21 Was AMAZING – Here is the party and networking side of things to tease you as to what we will be doing for next year!



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For 20 years, Mobile Beat Las Vegas has always had great nighttime events – and 2016 continued to build on that tradition. Networking Sunday Night, DigiGames Monday Night, DJ TakeOver later Monday Night and Party Rockin’ Tuesday Night

  • Mobile Beat Las Vegas
  • Mobile Beat Las Vegas
  • Mobile Beat Las Vegas
  • Mobile Beat Las Vegas
  • Mobile Beat Las Vegas

Previous excellent entertainment at MBLV has included:

    • Performances by The Village People, Cupid, Chubby Checker, DJ Casper, Otis Day and the Nights, Naughty by Nature, Tone Loc, and more
    • Parties at Vegas hotspots like Studio 54 and Surrender @Encore
    • Exhibitors’ “customer appreciation” events like ADJ’s memorable parties at The Beach
    • DJ All-Star productions (with interactive DJs performing)
    • Award events, karaoke nights and other unique “concept” parties
    • In 2015 featured DigiGames Game Power, Legends Night with DJ Jazzy Jeff and Sir Mix-A-Lot, and MBLV club night at Surrender @Encore.
    • And in 2016 it featured Party Headphones Welcome to Las Vegas, DigiGames Game Power, DJ Takeover, and Party Rockin with Redfoo