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Companies that increased their presence at Mobile Beat’s 2019 Show connected more new DJs in more new ways!  It was the 2nd largest gathering of Mobile DJs in North America in the last 10 YEARS (2018 MBLV was #1)

Year in, year out, Mobile Beat Las Vegas is the best way to reach DJs from all over the world, in person. In fact, since reimagining the whole DJ show concept in 2015, MBLV has experienced growth in 4 out of the last 5 years. We are the only national DJ conference that has done this!

Mobile Beat Las Vegas attracts the best and brightest mobile DJs by presenting the top speakers, innovative networking opportunities, exciting evening events and an outstanding mix of exhibitors. DJs—from solo jocks to multi-system owners—come to MBLV every year to check out what’s hot in the universe of DJ entertainment. If your business has anything to do with DJs and mobile entertainment, then MBLV is a “MUST DO” part of your comprehensive annual marketing strategy.

When you exhibit at Mobile Beat Las Vegas….

  • You will meet decision makers who need your products or services.
  • You will convert some prospects immediately into prime customers
  • You will enjoy an instant surge in sales
  • You will gain valuable feedback from serious end users
  • You will build your brand profile in the DJ world
  • You will add hundreds of HOT new leads to your marketing dBase

The largest captive audience of entertainer/entrepreneurs, Mobile DJs have money to spend— And it get better every year!

MBLV24 will mark the fifth year at the Tropicana Resort & Casino, which continues to exceed our needs and upgrade its facilities. Here are a few of the changes being adopted for MBLV24…

  • Optimized exhibit floor hours. There are NO PUBLIC ALTERNATIVE events during show floor hours, and no dead times.
  • Demo rooms will come with bonus hours in the evening for social events for additional opportunities to interact with customers and we are further optimizing these hours!
  • Exhibitor rates now allow you to gift exhibit and party passes to some of your favorite clients.
  • Based on attendee feedback, MBLV24 will target content more precisely to help DJs build their performance and business skills.
After more than two decades, Mobile Beat Las Vegas remains the best way for you to connect directly with your potential customers.

This is where you start…Exhibit Space!
(Main Floor and T4-T11 Demo Rooms)

 Exhibition Space Rates

10 x 10 Inline $2,000 10 x 20 Endcap $4,400
10 x 20 Island $4,600 20 x 20 Island $7,800
20 x 30 Island $ASK Partagas & Trinidad
Pavilion Demo Rooms

T9-T11 – $6,500 (702-715 square feet)

T4 or T6 – $8,900 (1082-1285 square feet)

  • Convention Passes – Each 10×10 includes two exhibitor passes and two exhibit and party passes (10×20 is 4/4, 20×20 is 8/8, 20×30 is 12/12, demo rooms are 6/6 or 8/8).  Additional passes for dedicated booth staff are available at Mobile Beat’s discretion and must be written onto the contracts initially.
  • As a bonus to our larger partners at MBLV, any total commitments over $5,000 include 2 full passes (valued at $350/each for promotion to new attendees to be awarded by the partner in agreement with Mobile Beat.
  • Booths are carpetted and come with a basic sign plus pipe and drape.  Demo rooms are carpetted and on request can be outfitted with tables and chairs at minimal or no cost.  All drayage/freight, electricity, etc is billed separately by the service bureau, Las Vegas Expo.
  • Corners not part of an Island or Endcap are $400 extra.

Demo rooms

  1. Demo Room Dimensions – available here
  2. You may use your demo room space for private meetings (staff/licensees/etc) on late Sunday or during the day Monday but may not be open to the public.
  3. But you do have additional open hours on Monday and Tuesday night stay open for open for 2 additional hours (7-9pm) beyond the main exhibit floor.  The Monday night session is recommended as its the first time attendees can see any exhibitors, but you can be closed at these times.  Most exhibitors stay open and active for the first 60-90 minutes.
  4. All food and drink for distribution to the public must be purchased through the Tropicana.  Cash bars can be arranged for through the Tropicana.
  5. Outside of your demo room you may set up one single wide popup banner and use 10 square feet of other space as long as it doesn’t interfere with other demo rooms, no electricity may be needed for anything outside of the room – final decision on this is up to Mobile Beat.


All exhibit space now includes full access as of Noon on Sunday for setup.  Advanced freight will be delivered by noon on Sunday and onsite freight can be received as of noon on Sunday.  No overtime rate with Las Vegas Expo services on Sunday has been secured.

  • Sunday SETUP – Noon to 10pm (Staff need to be checked in by 5pm, can stay until 10pm)
  • Monday SETUP 8am to 5pm (Staff need to be checked in by 5pm, can stay until 10pm)
  • Monday Demo Rooms OPEN – 7pm to 9pm
  • Tuesday SETUP8am to 2pm
  • Tuesday Exhibit Floor OPEN – 2pm to 6pm
  • Tuesday Demo Rooms OPEN – 2pm to 9pm
  • Wednesday Exhibit Floor and Demo Rooms OPEN – 2pm to 6pm
  • Wednesday TEAROUT – 6pm to 10pm
  • Thursday TEAROUT – 8am to 3pm (outbound freight drivers checked in by 10am)

Going Beyond Just Renting Space – Educate and Promote!

Sponsored Seminars and Workshops

When you present educational content under your brand and banner, the ROI is long term. Just ask companies like ADJ, Peavey, Chauvet, QSC, EV, DJ Trivia and others who use this form of face-to-face trade show marketing every year. With your workshop or seminar, you’ll be able to capture attendees exclusive attention for 45  minutes during the main part of the conference. Or, invite attendees to spend time with you on Sunday or Monday morning, Thursday afternoon, or Friday of the show week. AV Support, Facilities and Basic Marketing are included. Options include the main stage, day-long events before or after MBLV23, and other promotional opportunities

Small Rooms (50 People) – $700
Monday Noon – 1 Opening
Tuesday 1pm – 1 Opening
Wednesday 1pm – 1 Opening

Medium Rooms (100 People) – $800
Monday Noon – 1 Opening
Tuesday 1pm – 1 Opening
Wednesday 1pm – 1 Opening

Main Stage (500-1000 People) – Prime Opportunities – $3000
Monday 4pm – 1 Opening
Tuesday 1pm – 1 Opening
Wednesday 1pm – 1 Opening

All Main Stage Opportunities are recorded and made available afterwards publicly and to you for your future usage

Going Beyond Just Renting Space – Before and After The Main Show!

Mobile Beat Las Vegas has expanded to a full 4 day experience—but many attendees are looking for even more! In response, for companies exhibiting at the show, Mobile Beat has negotiated for inexpensive extra space that you can use for holding training seminars, hosting workshops and more — all onsite at the Tropicana BEFORE and AFTER the main conference dates.

Included are listings on our Supplemental Events directory in the magazine and on MobileBeatLasVegas.com, along with additional marketing to our attendees in the form of mass Emails with the other promotions. Sound and video support (speaker, wired microphone, projector and screen) is also included. The rooms are available in half-day or full-day increments.

1/2 Day (Monday Morning or Thursday Afternoon) w/ Attendee email in December or January – $800
Full Day (Sunday) w/ Attendee email in December or January – $1200
Full Day
(Friday) w/ Attendee email in December or January – $1500

Price assumes all producers/presenters of the workshop have a full or exhibitors pass and attendees can have any MBLV pass

Be Unique

Exhibiting on the show floor is a fantastic way to interact with your future customers. However, when attendees see your brand integrated into the show, it takes it to a whole new level. By presenting one of the well-attended special show events, your company becomes an integral portion of the show—like in the past the Peavey DJ Takeover, the main stage with ADJ lighting/video and Electro-Voice sound for the Signature Party, Pioneer Happy Hour, and the Mobile Beat House Party by eAcoustics!