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Companies that increased their presence at Mobile Beat’s 2018 Show connected with more customers than ever before!  It was the largest gathering of Mobile DJs in North America in the last 10 YEARS.

Year in, year out, Mobile Beat Las Vegas is the best way to reach DJs from all over the world, in person. In fact, since reimagining the whole DJ show concept in 2015, MBLV has experienced steady growth in every year since. We are the only national DJ conference that has done this!

Mobile Beat Las Vegas attracts the best and brightest pro DJs by presenting the top speakers, innovative networking opportunities, exciting evening events and an outstanding mix of exhibitors. DJs—from solo jocks to multi-system owners—come to MBLV every year to check out what’s hot in the universe of DJ entertainment. If your business has anything to do with DJs and mobile entertainment, then MBLV is a “MUST DO” part of your comprehensive annual marketing strategy.

When you exhibit at Mobile Beat Las Vegas….

  • You will meet decision makers who need your products or services.
  • You will convert some prospects immediately into prime customers
  • You will enjoy an instant surge in sales
  • You will gain valuable feedback from serious end users
  • You will build your brand profile in the DJ world
  • You will add hundreds of HOT new leads to your marketing dBase


    The largest captive audience of entertainer/entrepreneurs, Mobile DJs have money to spend— And it get better every year!

    MBLV23 will mark the fourth year at the Tropicana Resort & Casino, which continues to exceed our needs and upgrade its facilities. Here are a few of the changes being adopted for MBLV23…

    • Optimized exhibit floor hours. There are NO PUBLIC ALTERNATIVE events during show floor hours, and no dead times.
    • Demo rooms will come with bonus hours in the evening for social events for additional opportunities to interact with customers and we are further optimizing these hours!
    • Exhibitor rates are going up by $200 per 10x10 to allow you to gift exhibit and party passes to some of your favorite clients.
    • Based on attendee feedback, MBLV23 will target content more precisely to help DJs build their performance and business skills.
    After more than two decades, Mobile Beat Las Vegas remains the best way for you to connect directly with your potential customers.