Extending The Week

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Mobile Beat Las Vegas has expanded to a full 4 day experience—but many attendees are looking for even more! In response, for companies exhibiting at the show, Mobile Beat has negotiated for inexpensive extra space that you can use for holding training seminars, hosting workshops and more — all onsite at the Tropicana BEFORE and AFTER the main conference dates.

Included are listings on our Supplemental Events directory in the magazine and on MobileBeatLasVegas.com, along with additional marketing to our attendees in the form of mass Emails with the other promotions. Sound and video support (speaker, wired microphone, projector and screen) is also included. The rooms are available in 4-hour (half-day) or full-day increments.

1/2 Day (Monday Morning or Thursday Afternoon) w/ Attendee email in December or January – $650
Full Day (Sunday or Friday) w/ Attendee email in December or January – $1000
1 1/2 Day (Sunday & Monday or Thursday and Friday) w/ Attendee email in December or January – $1500
with any of the above a solo mass email available to Mobile Beat 25k+ list for another $450.

2 Full Day Sunday opportunities exist, 2 1/2 Day Monday opportunities exist, 2 1/2 Day Thursday opportunities exist, 2 Full Day Friday opportunities exist. Price assumes producers/presenters of the workshop have a full or exhibitors pass.