Tropicana Pavilion T2/3

Our minds can be our best friend and our worst enemy. We can create new solutions, form relationships and dream up endless possibilities. Sadly most of us fall victim to our minds. We fall victim to the stories we make up and the thoughts that flood our minds throughout the day. Meditation can help us have more control of our minds and help us gain clarity in the most stressful situations. What was once considered only useful for hippies and monks has now become popular by athletes, CEOs and top performers. Jeff will show you with the help of a popular DJ software, that by sitting in silence, we too can become better DJs.

Takeaways from this presentation

  • Not being in the moment is now considered the norm. Distractions are at an all time high and focus is at an all time low
  • Meditation does not mean shaving your head and changing your religion. It is a way of going to the gym for your mind.
  • The Basics Of Meditation (Explained in Zen DJ article)
  • Meditation is a practice and takes work to master
  • Meditation does not get rid of your problems, just gives you a better tool for dealing with them

Category and Who should attend?

  • Category: Health/Inspiration
  • Everyone!