Tropicana Pavilion T5 (Near Demo Rooms)

A sponsored seminar from Encore Consulting – No registration/cost

We know better than anyone that Bridal Expos can be a financial gamble and a taxation of your resources. You may have even convinced yourself that you “don’t need to do bridal shows” anymore. Well, let us tell you that there is no business so successful that you can afford to pass on these invaluable events in your market. Expanding upon this topic that we just begin to touch on in our flagship MONEYBALL presentation, come learn how Bridal Expos can be insanely rewarding for your business, no matter how good the show’s promoters are. We will talk about how to stand out and how to differentiate yourself from all sea of other vendors. We will chat about how to build an emotion-evoking exposition space that is a “sales kill-zone” for potential clients. We will even get you to rethink (we love that word) how you evaluate a show’s success. Listen, even if you have given up on Bridal Shows, give us 45 minutes, we may change your mind forever about them.

Encore Consulting sprung from our belief that the only thing more rewarding than success is helping others achieve it.

The wedding and event industry can be incredibly rewarding but is endlessly challenging. The kudos earned from a highly satisfied client when their event was managed to perfection is intoxicating and addicting. However, small businesses in this space have less than a 50% survival rate in the first five years of their existence. That number is less than 35% when you extend that to 10 years. Thousands of wedding and event-focused businesses will close their doors this year, many needlessly.Encore Consulting is the evolution of Encore Events, our successful, 10 Unit Multi-Op DJ, Production, and Event Entertainment business that has been blessed with success and growth since its inception in 1998. 22 years in this space has provided us with a PhD-level education in building an event business that will last. Two huge revelations in our business education were: “You Succeed when Your Friends Succeed” and “Mentors are Critical”. When knowledge is gained from professionals who have already been where you want to go, the road is so much easier to navigate. These principles are the driving force of Encore Consulting