Location: P2/3

Everyone these days wants things easier, faster, better and oh, “can we deliver it NOW?” What if you could uncover new ways to help yourself and help your clients to do EXACTLY this? In this fast-paced session Sales Trainer Mitch Taylor breaks down modern day strategies and services that you may not be implementing, to help you do just that. He says, “This isn’t a seminar for listening, this is a WORKING SESSION. Bring ONE current challenge that you are struggling with, and let’s find solutions for you in the time we have together.”

Mitch will walk you through two words that have changed his life, how he uses them every day. We will also discuss what you can do to ensure you attack your goals upon leaving this session and strategies you can implement to revolutionize your business in the customer-centric business world that we live in today.  

From ways to differentiate your services in your own mind and the minds of your potential clients, to questions that will help you appreciate and hire the RIGHT people, and ways you can create massive referrals, it’s all here. Will you be?

The Help StrATEgy Major Takeaways

• Understand your most valuable asset and how to leverage it

• Walk through setting up processes that will become major stress-relievers in your business

• Leave with a new system actually setup instead of just taking notes on things you should “try” later.

• Learn ways to leverage technology in ways to help you in your business and catapult you forward in a customer centric world.