During the SINGO workshop everyone will be able to play an actual game of SINGO.
All attendees will not only be able to play a game of SINGO, but at the same time will be able to see, on the big screen, how it easy it is to host a game, and win $600.00!
During the game, the first participant to get a five in a row and shout out SINGO! will be awarded a complete SINGO package, including a 60 day FREE subscription, all of which sells every day for $600.00. The package includes a Samsung  SINGO Tablet which is loaded with all SINGO proprietary software as well as over 7000 songs, all by the original artists.
Everyone will not only be able to share the SINGO experience but will then be able to join the SINGO family at a discounted rate ONLY during Mobile Beats Las Vegas.
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