Location: T2/3

Randy will be bringing to the stage one last time The 1% Solution, including tips on how to make the most out of your MBLV22 Experience with this fun and high energy presentation that will get up and going and kick off this week the right way!

With live demonstrations and video examples, he will show attendees how to control a room in the first few seconds without ever being cheesy or obnoxious, how to turn difficult moments into powerful memories and to bring genuine energy and joy to an event, by releasing the pent up energy and emotion already in your guests.

He’ll explain how to use The 1% Solution in your everyday business and in all of your performances, not to be 1% better, but to make very small changes using the talent you have, to create entirely different results – cheers instead of silence, dancing instead of singing, tears instead of apathy, overtime instead of early endings and raving fans clamoring for your service at a premium price instead of them just asking, “How much for four hours.”