Location: T2/3

Hear the 3rd Annual State of the DJ Industry final report revealed for the first time live on stage by our in-house economics nerd and marketing guru, Matt Martindale. As he unpacks the raw data to make sense of the trends, Matt will:

Analyze what states had the largest revenue increases, and a few notable trends.

Dig into the real numbers…part time vs full time and the money. There were several shocking revelations.

Reveal the 3 most common service offerings both single operators and multi-system operators said they want to add in 2019.

Uncover appointment and cancellation trends.

Show where “time in the DJ business” correlates with single operators and multi-system operators crosses over.

Review what respondents said about DJ trade industry associations.

Share where DJs said they turn for training and improvement.

Reveal what DJs say are the two biggest opportunities for 2019.

Address what DJs say are their three biggest concerns going into 2019.

Review shocking data about DJs and their music libraries.

Share the best responses to his favorite question: “If I had a magic wand, the one thing I would do to grow my business…”

…and much more!