Tropicana Pavilion T2/3

Purpose + Passion + Execution = Profession. 

Do you have a purpose statement? Can you clearly define your passion to current and potential clients? Can you paint a picture to your clients on what a successful event “feels” like before they can? I’ll be honest, I’ve never been one to complicate my Premium Mobile DJ business – I knew in order to thrive, I needed to create significant distance between myself and other DJs. After 14+ years, I’ve never been more excited to convey my message to others on how they can do it to (no matter the market). If you’re looking for a “pep rally”, this isn’t the presentation for you. For those looking to create a life full of passion, purpose and an untouchable Premium Mobile DJ business – I’ll see you in March! Let’s GO! 

Takeaways from this presentation

  • How to rise above competition and name your price. Regardless of the market you are in.
  • The ability to craft your sales skills to become an intangibility expert.
  • How to “get into the room” and become part of the aesthetic.
  • Stop selling the “what” and start selling the “why.
  • Learn to successfully execute on a sale every single time using my C(4) Method. (Cultivate, Captivate, Capitalize, Close).

Category and Who should attend?

  • Category: Business/Marketing
  • Owners of Multi-Ops and Single Ops