6 Years ago, on any given Friday or Saturday night, you could find me at one of the local wineries or hot hotels DJing for any number of clients. Depending on the season, it could be any type of event. Wedding, Prom, Corporate Holiday party – you name it. About 10 years ago, at our peak as a DJ company, we did over 50 corporate events in December, 35 Proms and about 70 weddings. That is fairly decent for a company that did NO advertising.

Today, I do a lot less number of events. I book headline talent and manage multiple 6 and 7 figure event budgets for concerts and festivals. I often get…… how did that even happen?

Sounds corny….. but I had a vision. I knew I wanted to be more than a DJ. I wanted to use my connections and experience in events to get more out of my career. Just as when I went from part time DJ to full time, I had a choice to make. Continue with the path I was on or work towards a change. Work towards my Objectives of becoming a festival producer.