Location: T2/3

Lighting has the power to completely transform a venue and create the mood for a special event. This is something that customers will pay top dollar for, if you learn how to fully utilize the latest technology and how to market it effectively. 

In this jargon-busting seminar leading lighting brand ADJ will not only explain how the latest lighting equipment can be used to achieve incredible results, but also what to look for when choosing the right fixtures for the job. Packed with information, the session will cover a variety of technical topics including: 

– Watts vs. Lumens
– Cool White vs. Warm White
– COB vs. Regular LED
– LED Video vs. Projection
– The HEX Advantage
– Wireless Solutions

The session will be hosted by ADJ Product Specialist Edgar Bernal, who has extensive experience as a lighting professional and also as a DJ. Edgar will share both technical insights and practical ideas for using modern lighting technology to increase the average dollar spend of your customers.

As an added incentive for DJs to attend this already valuable opportunity for education, everyone in the room will receive free limited edition ADJ swag and also have the chance to enter a free prize draw to win a brand new ADJ 4Stream DMX Bridge! If you want to take your mobile entertainment business to the next level using the latest lighting technology, don’t miss this information-packed seminar.