There will never be a substitute to the “human touch” which is so important in the DJ entertainment business, from in-person meetings to spinning tunes at the gig itself. Nevertheless, today both us DJs and our clients expect cutting edge technology to make our lives easier. There’s no reason great apps should be limited to fitness, ridesharing and instant messaging. This is why we are building Vibo – the new DJ Music Manager, which aims to help you delight your clients while saving your time.

In this workshop Michael will give you a peek into Vibo – You will see a live demo of the Vibo system, the intuitive mobile app, how to import spotify playlists, the automatic files locator and how you can easily export song requests directly to your DJing software.

Then, we’ll discuss the vision for the future of the software, and have a question and answer session where you can bounce ideas and give suggestions so Vibo can improve and you, the DJ, can benefit and build your business.

Vibo will be available on the expo floor, in their workshop on Monday and during other hours by appointment.

Fill out the below to request a personal demo with Vibo.