Location: T2/3

DJ’s doing A/V – A practical review of what you need to do so that you can start to properly add A/V solutions to your company.
This seminar will look at not only the basics of starting to offer A/V as a DJ, but some information for the DJ that has been doing it for a few years. I will show you concepts that touch on the following areas:

  • Overall philosophy on the A/V world and its current state
  • Proper equipment needed and funding for it
  • Getting good technicians for the events
  • Marketing pointers and removing the DJ stigma
  • Proper pricing techniques

This is a great way to add revenue to your top line. I have consistently grown my company 20%-30% each year all through incorporating solid A/V work. I will provide great examples of the above concepts so that you can easily jump right into this, or strengthen your position when you get back home.