Tropicana Pavilion T2/3

There are free and easy steps that can be taken to tremendously increase ratios above the “norm” that I guarantee most people in all markets are not doing. If you could book 5 out of every 10 leads you met with, how would you be doing today? If you booked 6,7 or even 9 out of every 10 leads you received , would that be ok? Well, my team and I know before we even meet with a client, if they are going to book us and depending on where the lead was generated from.

Takeaways from this presentation

  • Importance of building industry relationships and teams of vendors who refer you. 
  • Understanding that there IS a “booking order” in the event industry. A venue is the first to be booked where the most money is being spent. Clients generally trust the venue the most since they are spending the MOST money with them. 
  • Being on a preferred vendors list or website is NOT enough, its just the first step. 
  • Increasing your booking power and close ratios
  • The “secret sauce” on how we book 90% of the clients we have consultations with. What do we say?
  • How do we get asked for contracts instantly before people even go to our website or do their “research” on us? 

Category and Who should attend?

  • Category: Business/Networking
  • Owners of Multi-Ops and Single Ops, All DJs