Tropicana Pavilion T2/3

Go from hobby to business with these tips that Michelle teaches to her clients! Know what you want and have a strategic plan. Be enthusiastic, authentic, professional and build relationships with other DJ’s and promoters. It’s not always what you know but who you know. Your network equals your net worth. Attitude is everything when building your unique personality brand. You are the number 1 person to promote yourself. Learn to market yourself on and offline and start charging what you are worth. Get high paying consistent gigs and build a legit business.

Takeaways from this presentation

  • My secrets to getting consistent high paying gigs.
  • Why you need a strategic plan to set yourself apart from your competition
  • The importance of having a strong supportive network.
  • Online marketing strategies to push your career forward.
  • How to get legit and go from hobby to business.

Category and Who should attend?

  • Category: Marketing
  • Owners of Multi-Ops and Single Ops, Primary Staff