Location: Pavilion Main

In everything you’ve accomplished in life you’ve had to take a risk along the way somewhere…probably several times. How did you assess that risk? Were you scared to take it? What made you do it (or not)? What was the opportunity born from that risk that you saw? What action steps did you take to seize that opportunity? Finally, what rewards did you reap as a result of you assessing the risk, seeing the opportunity in front of you and taking action on it? Risk. Opportunity. Action. Reward. This is THE formula that has helped Gitomer Certified Advisor Mitch Taylor achieve massive success in business and in life. At MBLV 20 you can learn how this process can be applied to your business to massive success as well! In this groundbreaking seminar Mitch dives into the ROAR concept in 3 out of the 6 facets of your business: Sales, Marketing and Performance. Get ready to take a TON of notes and come join Gitomer Certified Advisor Mitch Taylor at MBLV 20 to find out.

Mitch Taylor
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