Tropicana Pavilion T2/3

As mobile DJs and entertainers we may not recognize all the skills we have to showcase. Some of us need and want to improve our performance. In this seminar Rob will give you tips on how you can start improving your skills as a DJ, MC, and host to be recognized as a performing artist. Specifically he will bring willing participants on to the stage for a performance hot seat. Rob will help diagnose their strengths as an entertainer and pinpoint their blindsides. Rob will help answer the question of what is the overall message are you conveying in your business? What are you conveying in your social media and marketing? And most importantly what does the audience see from your performance? Rob will close the opening Monday seminars with applicable performance knowledge that will energize your next event. It’s showtime!

Takeaways from this presentation

  • 6 Things you shouldn’t be saying on the microphone
  • How to shift your social media as a performing artist
  • Identifying how to change your stage presence
  • Capitalizing on your niche
  • How to add energy to your performance

Category and Who should attend?

  • Category: Performance
  • Owners of Multi-Ops and Single Ops, Primary Staff, DJs