Releventful Networking Zone – T1

Mobile Beat Las Vegas is famous for its learning experiences from the stage, in the seminars, in the workshops and more. That “more” often takes place between attendees in the halls, at the events and elsewhere. This year we are turbo-charging the networking experience. On Monday morning (and again on Tues, Wed and Thurs mornings), before the main doors open for the seminars, Rob Peters and Keith Alan will help you connect quickly with like-minded DJs.

They will be organizing networking groups who will share ideas in specific topic areas such as Wedding Marketing/Sales, Wedding Performance, Schools, Corporate, Game Show/Trivia, Photo Booths and the Multi-System/Large Business. Two sessions rotating among the tables will set you up with great ideas and great new friends for the week of MBLV and beyond. It’s case of what happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas (in a good way)!