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We are the sum of our habits. Although it is obvious that our every day habits need to be aligned with our core desires in order to attain happiness and satisfaction. How aware are you of your habits – good and bad? Are you Sure? How did you test that opinion? Would those close to you agree?

In your conversations with your team and your clients, are you listening – or waiting for an opportunity to interject what pops into your mind? How often do you change your approach based on active listening?

Inventory your bad habits, not bad in a moral sense, but in a “get in the way of your goals” sense. Then what? Just like starting a new habit, breaking your bad habit down to something small makes breaking it more doable. Seeing your tiny successes will inspire you to keep making a conscious effort to create change for yourself.

Use your network to hold yourself accountable. Holding yourself accountable is KEY – no matter what it takes. No need to go about breaking bad habits alone. Get friends, family, colleagues on your side. Make a true effort to request positive reinforcement, acknowledgement, reminders and check-ins. If a good kick in the pants gets you going, request that too! While making changes can be challenging, it’s absolutely possible… and you are worth ALL of the effort it takes.