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The Sparkle Factor concept was derived by taking those little things you already do and making them bigger and brighter. Whether you’ve been a DJ for 20 years or just starting out, learn the skills needed to produce that “spark” at every event and create a state of brilliance to allow you to shine and take your show to a whole new level.Using an interactive approach, The Sparkle Factor takes real life event scenarios and shows you a new perspective on djing, mcing, hosting icebreakers, engaging your audience and igniting parties. Gain valuable knowledge to help you improve your performance, increase your business and leave that lasting impression.With over 30 years combined experience of entertaining at thousands of events, co-founders Barry Kay and Jordan Zwicker’s winning formula and proven success is the key to The Sparkle Factor. Stand out above your competition …”All you need is Sparkle”.

Sparkle Factor

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