When I discovered this business, there was no place that I could turn to; no one I could talk to.

Even my college guidance counselor said, “Being a full time wedding planner isn’t a career – you need a real job….Let’s get you into Catering!” Little did he know that in less than 20 years the industry would explode, and that wedding planners would become an invaluable tool for couples intent on making a statement.

I aways said that if given the chance, I would give back to the industry in any way possible. This is why I make it a point to take interns from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas and attend as many industry functions as possible. I learn as much from them as I hope they do from me.

It’s also what lead me to speaking and presentations. From motivational speeches about Developing Resilience to lifestyle lessons about The Power of No, along with actionable educational series designed to teach How to Attract and Service Luxury Clients and Getting Ahead of the Trends, I have been so fortunate the travel throughout the world and speak to the most inspiring groups of peopl