Atlanta Photo Booth is one of the many products created by Me, Stephen Lynch. I wanted a photo booth for fun, but there was no b114f9a934e884f70db7b43011ef01c9software or hardware available, so I set out online, and found a couple of like minded individuals who were also looking to do the same. The first software hit the market in 2005 after months and months of testing and tweaking by myself and a few other guys who were also Jonesing for photo booth control software. I can honestly say that I was one of the first people in the world to have built a digital photo booth from scratch. Our little company has been responsible for creating many of the innovations that others use in their photo booth designs. Many of the “borrowed” elements are readily recognizable. Just look around online. Flattered? to say the least! The first images of the first photo booth I built got over 700,000 views within a year. People were starving for a portable event photo booth, so we decided to give in to the many requests, and build a few for other companies. Much to our surprise, we started receiving orders faster than we could make them. We bought a building, and some really expensive shop equipment, hired another employee, and the rest is photo booth history.