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I started my law career at an international law firm based in Paris, France, where my job was to help French companies navigate thrs450x300e waters of the American legal system. Although this was not always easy (try explaining to an angry Frenchman that a serving napkin with some illegible script would probably be tough to enforce as a contract in Georgia), the tasks were always enjoyable.

At about that time, my girlfriend, a fabulously talented wedding photographer, requested that what I can do for the French, I should do for her. Who am I to argue? (lawyer joke). Reviewing her client contract, I was horrified. Don’t tell her this, but I would have preferred she use the serving napkin. After finishing her contract, word got out, and her colleagues requested that I review their contracts as well. Then their colleagues followed, which included planners, florists, and venues, and on and on.

A niche was born.

Eventually, I left my previous firm to open up my own firm and spend more time trying cases (or as the French would say, Je voulais que le lait, la vache, et un baiser de la laitière). The wedding industry followed. I loved hearing the stories, learning the industry-speak, and devising ways to keep my clients protected in such an emotional and litigious culture.

Today, much of my practice is dedicated to the representing and educating wedding professionals, from speaking engagements, to maintaining, and to the arguing in the courtroom. It’s not always easy, but it is always enjoyable. C’est la vie!

Rob is licensed to practice law in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, California, and New York.