Location: Pavilion Main

We all started in this business because we love music, and to make people dance. And then we found out that we could actually make some money doing it. But that is where most of you end up. You are the headliner, the top jock, the person that everybody wants. Maybe you reached a pinnacle that you have a solid few jocks working under you, but your name is still synonymous with your company. You have worked hard to make it that way. You successfully became the QB of the team!

Then something happens. You’re older. You start to want some of those weekends off. You begin to realize that some things need to change and you might not want to “be” the business any more. Now you are thinking that maybe you want to hire a good QB instead of being the great QB. You now have successfully started to think like an owner. This seminar is aimed at helping you take the next step in your business cycle.I want to show you how I managed to successfully set up my company to work autonomously, so I could be focused on one thing and one thing only, doing what I wanted to do. And even if you aren’t interested in being the owner and the QB role suits you just fine for now, you are going to get lots of good tidbits that you can you use every single day in your business!

Jason Weldon

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