MBLV22 continues the Blend DJ Academy workshops, Last year 6 classes with 15 stations that filled up quickly!  This year, 8 classes and 20 stations (now with 2 DJs per station).  We have gone from 90 spots up to 320 spots for mix skills education during MBLV22.  Schedule to be announced later this fall/winter but multi-ops be thinking about this as the perfect way to train your DJs during seminars in the main room that are more for you and less for them.

Blend was founded in 2014 by a group of local Las Vegas DJs and has grown to become the most respected DJ school on the west coast, with a streamlined curriculum that allows students to excel in the subject of their liking.  Blend offers a range in DJ courses as well as many other services needed by DJs.   Supported by Djs all blend-logo-2015-registeredaround the world, Blend has become THE DJ SCHOOL to attend and be affiliated with.   Blendvegas.com is expanding to offer online classes coming in late 2017.

Blend Will Be Teaching Classes At MBLV including:

Intro to Mixing:

In this workshop, we will focus on the basics of beatmatching.  Our instructors will help you learn how to keep the music flowing and keep your dance floor packed!  This is the backbone to mixing music and is used in many aspects of DJing.   First, we will focus on learning about beats and bars, then learn how music is structured.   “Timing” comes into play and we will explain how you can practice after the workshop to master this technique on your own.

Intro to Scratching:

Do you want to master your craft?  Increase your pay by taking your skill to the next level.   In this workshop, Blend Instructors will introduce you to different types of scratches that you can do while mixing or even showcasing your talent to the public.   First, we will show you examples of some different scratches you can do in the mix (i.e. stabs, chirps, and babies),  Then, teach you how they are done.   Our main focus in this workshop is to teach our students how to practice at home by explaining what are “drills”.   As you practice your drilling, you will see your skill level increase.   All students will excel at different rates, and the key to getting good at scratching is putting in many hours of practice.

Intro to Video DJing:

Video DJing isnt just about getting a music video library, and playing songs from it.   It’s about adding another element of entertainment to your show.   Our veteran video instructors will show you how you can make custom edits of songs, using industry-standard programs, as well as, creating custom shows for clients to increase your worth!  This is a great way to increase those checks!  We will be doing some basic edits so you can see how easy it is using technology to help us all look more professional and take our image to another level.

These classes will be available to all pass holders and are to be offered Monday through Thursday