Brain Teasers: Live Hosted Trivia Game Software

Brain Teasers Trivia Software is perfect for any entertainer, or venue who is looking to host a Live Hosted Trivia Game Show. Whither or not you want a more professional appearing trivia night software, looking to add something new to your line up, or just looking for the best way to add some mid-week income. Brain Teasers has options to work with all set ups. Run and operated exclusively in the Midwest for the last 5 years, Brain Teasers has helped one entertainment company add an additional $50,000 of income to their yearly totals, and train over 20 of their employees breaking the bank on training budgets.

This Trivia software is at the perfect solution for anyone looking to add something fun, entertaining and affordable to their entertainment lineup. With Brian Teasers there is no contracts, no hidden fees, no antique software that will not work on all of today’s HD set ups. Simple to operate, and compatible with any operating system you will be a Trivia Night Pro after just one time playing!

This software will take your Trivia Nights to a whole new level, and help you make more money from day 1.

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