Carvin Corporation, the company that helps musicians and audio professionals sound their best through personalized service and quality American built pro audio and instrument amplifiers is pleased to announce:Carvin largeHDwh

Visit Ballroom T11 at the show to hear Carvin Audio’s TRC Active Column Array Systems, which range from 2,500 watts – 10,000 watts, and are perfect for the DJ who wants to be known for their high quality audio performance. DJs can demo Carvin Audio’s S600 Battery Powered System, which gives them the freedom to take their system anywhere. Also on demo will be the TRX3210A Active Line Array System, TRX3218 Subwoofers, TRX2115A Active 15-Inch Speaker, and the SCx1253 800W 3-Way Speaker. Visit for more info.

About Carvin Corporation
Since 1946, Carvin Corporation has helped customers make sound investments by providing high quality American built pro audio and instrument amplifiers directly from the factory. Carvin shares the passion that musicians and pro sound experts have about their sound.  Carvin’s expert team of musicians and sound professionals offers personal support and helps customers confidently choose the right pro sound equipment or instrument amplifier for their application. To order, visit Carvin Audio and Amplifiers online at or call 800-854-2235.