Location: Pavilion Main

For any entertainment professional wanting to increase profits and create spectacular events with lighting, “Dynamic Lighting for Dynamic Income” is an engaging discussion that will help you discover the flexibility of your fixtures to create big lighting ideas for events and gear of any size.  Using real world
examples and experiences to share new ways to think about lighting, Jeremy Brech’s seminars are always among the most popular and talked about highlights of any trade show.

Learn how Jeremy designed the awesome Lighting Experience Mobile Beat stage production and see how you can apply those same concepts to create amazing ambiance at any level from starting DJ to large stage.

Widely recognized as one of the leading seminar presenters in the DJ world, Jeremy Brech aka “DJ Jer”, creator of “DJ Jer Shop Time” and the owner of DJ Jer Events & Lighting Design in Sioux Falls, SD. He has been entertaining crowds at weddings, school events, corporate events, and fundraisers for over 18 years.