eAcoustics’ domestic USA manufacturing is not only a source of pride but 
also an essential part of the business model. Quality control is an 
essential process for us. Quality is what our customers will get and its 
what we thrive for at eAcoustics. With products built at one location, 
inspection and quality control is made by the same people that designed 

Some of the core infrastructure includes B&C and FAITAL PRO Transducers, 
which are among the largest and most prestigious professional transducer 
manufacturers in the world. These transducers are chosen by eAcoustics 
for their reliability, consistency, extreme efficiency, and outstanding 
sound quality. These companies along with Powersoft have 
state-of-the-art production facilities in Italy, and have earned trust 
in an industry where quality and performance are essential. Just as 
important, the eAcoustics cabinetry is second to none made by master 
cabinet builders fabricating tour-grade enclosures utilizing multi-ply 
Birch hardwood for the integrity of the cabinet. The finish is enhanced 
with a PolyTec polyurethane outer skin that provides UV and moisture 
protection for long-term endurance.

Smart Power
A key player in the eAcoustics line-up is Powersoft supplying  the 
internal power. Powersoft’s Armonia software provides onboard DSP, 
remote monitoring / control and system management for the eAcoustics 
offerings. Dependability is a hallmark of Powersoft amplifiers, which 
also include features such as high-efficiency operation; a wide ambient 
temperature range (up to 149degrees Fahrenheit without internal fans); 
and PFC Power Factor Correction, which corrects the incoming AC, 
synchronizing the voltage to the current to reduce heat and energy