The brand ERG MUSIC, founded in 1990, has been acquired by original partner Scott MacMillan and his son Tim MacMillan. ERG’s products anmm-ergd services have now been added to Multi Music’s offerings in Canada and the USA.

ERG MUSIC has been an icon in the licensed music supply industry providing a wide variety of genre specific music products including CD programs, MP3 discs and the Pool Traxx unlimited download application. With offices and dealers in both Canada and the USA, the new management team is committed to providing excellent customer service which has been synonymous with the family name.

Our music programmers are among the best in North America and you can depend on receiving the music you need when you need it. For more information on our music supply products for professional DJs and other commercial users please visit:

In the USA:
Customer Service: 1-800-465-0779 ext. 306

In Canada: for CD/MP3 discs and for Pool Traxx Downloads
Customer Service: 1-800-207-7747 or 905-615-8585 ext. 3
It’s all about the music