Location: P2/3

Most business owners are living in crisis mode and any it may seem that any decision made is absolutely appropriate in the moment. It is our natural desire as entrepreneurs to find and fix problems. But the immediate decision may have a negative, long term effect that will take the business in a direction that is not in line with their ultimate goal, vision, or mission. We call this the survival trap move.

In this seminar you’ll discover:

  • Why the survival trap is not about driving towards vision, rather it’s taking any action to get out of a crisis.
  • Why being the best at one thing is always more efficient than attempting to master many.
  • How you can identify what survival transactions you’ve taken on that are consistent (or not) with your ultimate vision.
  • The 4 questions to ask that help you avoid the Survival Trap in the future and identify if an opportunity is moving your business in the right direction.