Location: Pavilion Main

When Todd Mitchem started DJing back in 1989 right after High School he never imagined it would lead him this far. By taking high risks, setting high standards in his DJ performances and by constantly looking for new ways to improve, he is the ultimate proof that thinking out of the box can lead to some very unique opportunities.From a career as speaker, DJ, and now CEO,

Todd has faced many ups and downs along the way. He was a crowd favorite at many Mobile Beat shows before 2007 when a terrible car accident nearly ended his career. But Todd cultivated his own recovery and went on to work with some of the world's top brands. Along the way Todd kept utilizing his skills from years as a Mobile DJ around, audience interaction, presence, timing, and setting standards for events. You will learn to take risk, leverage your DJ skills and push your business into a new level. In this high energy presentation, Todd will tell stories about his career, teach skills around setting High Standards for your business and teach you to overcome great obstacles. This presentation is entertaining, energizing and interactive. Todd went on to now lead one of the largest global brands in a growing industry. What industry is that? Come and be prepared to be VERY surprised!

Todd Mitchem

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