Location: Pavilion Main

David Louis’ business strategy has always been about helping others.  In his seminar he will share why he feels it is so important for the DJ industry to step up and begin teaching couples. He feels it is our job as entertainers to teach the Brides and Grooms how to enjoy and understand their special day.  He will show you what and how he teaches a large number of couples how to be better prepared for their wedding day so they can get the most out of their experience. Something David has been doing in his market for the past 10 years.  Think about it, 85% of couples getting married today have never been married or gone through the process of piecing together a wedding celebration.  The #1 word that most couples use to describe their perfect day is FUN. Yet the wedding industry magazines, books and bridal shows, never teach couples how to have a fun wedding reception.  Perhaps it could be that there is no money in teaching them, or because they don’t know how to teach them.
Come and learn how teaching/hosting workshops can turn you into the expert in YOUR market.

David Louis

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