Mobile Beat and Mobile DJs in general have led the way in bringing the fun of mobile photo booths to private events for more than a decade now. So, what better way to set the mood for a week of Mobile Beat Las Vegas (along with the Photo Booth Expo) than a Welcome to Las Vegas Party with Yodabooth, a leading maker of compact photo booths?
The Welcome Party is a pre-show tradition at Mobile Beat Las Vegas (MBLV) where attendees can get their badges early, greet old friends, and get a head start on meeting new ones. This party will be held from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, Sunday night, March 11, before the official opening of MBLV22, which runs March 12-15, 2018 at the Tropicana Resort & Casino.
Party sponsor Yodabooth will have a strong presence at both Mobile Beat Las Vegas and the Photo Booth Expo, which share the same week in March of 2018. “After meeting Filip on the Mobile Beat/PBX Cruise last month, we were excited about starting to plan how we can work together. This is how it kicks off,” said Mobile Beat Publisher and Show Producer, Ryan Burger.
The Welcome Party will feature a handful of YodaBooth units set up in different ways, with props and custom designs for this event. The party will take place outdoors on the Tropicana Wedding Chapel Terrace, just outside the MBLV22 trade show / conference area.
Burger added, “Attendees will enjoy the traditional welcome party experience with a new twist, while they also get a firsthand look at the continuing high-growth area for DJs that photo booths represent”