Jason is the President/CEO of Synergetic Sounds, Inc., a production/entertainment company in the Philadelphia area. His company started out as a DJ company back in 1998, and today Synergetic has morphed into not only managing and performing DJ events, but a full suite of production services including audio, video lighting and staging. With 17 full time employees and over 50 part time employees, he has been able to lead his company to year over year growth and do some pretty exciting events.

In 2008, Jason decided that helping other industry professional’s was important to him. Not only by showing them the mistakes he made, but also giving them the support and help they need to be successful. “Watching someone start to see their goals and dreams come to fruition is so exciting!” Jason says. “It has been the next step in my professional career, and I love being able to show other people how they can do it.” Along the way, he has encountered many of the difficulties that you may be facing: Finding funding, talent acquisition, business organization, sales & marketing, growth plans, etc. “The past 18 years have put me through some many experiences that I want to share them with you and help you grow your business”, Jason says.