Jeff Heidelberg has always had a love for music. From dancing in his living room as a little kid, to being in the high school marching band, to being a costumed performer (Spongebob Squarepants) at an amusement park. Armed with an $80 Numark Mixtrack Pro, Virtual DJ software and his Macbook of college party hits, Jeff naturally gravitated towards DJ as a hobby.

After graduating from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Jeff found himself in a sales role as what he describes as a “glorified call center employee”. Upon reading an article in the newspaper about marketing and sales, he found an ad to be a wedding DJ on the back page. One small ad in the paper would change Jeff’s life for the better. 
After 5 years of meeting with couples and rocking dance floors, Jeff is currently a sales rep and DJ/MC for Party Pleasers Services in Cincinnati, OH. He often describes himself a golden retriever in human form, so yes he is excited to see you and does want to be your friend. Outside of DJing you can find him in the gym or cooking his favorite meal of bacon and eggs with a heaping side of coffee.