Jeremy Jones J.D. is the owner of Entertainment Solutions, a mutli-op DJ company in Chattanooga, Tennessee that opened in 1991.  Jeremy originally worked for ESDJ while he was in high school and college.  In 2007 he purchased the company and grew it into the second largest DJ company in the area.
Jeremy has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati and his law degree is from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta.

Jeremy has been working for 3 years at a small law office in Ringgold, GA where he has written and reviewed hundreds of contracts for individuals and companies of all sizes.  He has participated in dozens of trials including those in small claims court to help companies recover money from non-paying customers.  His writings have been published in several regional and national periodicals.

Jeremy maintains the Facebook group Entertainment Legal Corner where members can ask Jeremy basic questions about the legal aspects of running a DJ company.  He is also frequently requested in various other DJ groups to join discussions that involve specific legal issues.

Jeremy has a unique perspective that has become an asset to the DJ industry.  With over 20 years of experience as a DJ, Jeremy believes he may be the only “J.D. DJ” in the country!  Jeremy understands the demands of the mobile DJ in all aspects of running the business.  He also knows the common demands made by brides and other clients and what challenges the DJ faces.  His discussions of the legal aspects of running a mobile DJ company come from his years of experience as a DJ combined with his legal education and experience.  His presentations are not your average boring legal speak.  It will be filled with real life examples he has collected over the years that all DJs will be able to relate to and learn from.

Jeremy will soon be launching the first ever legal subscription service catered specifically to the DJ industry.  Mobile Beat participants will be the first to learn about this affordable and powerful tool!