From the moment Joe Martin saw the radio DJ playing Buddy Holly on the turntable in the late fifties, he had only one dream and that was to become a disc jockey. That dream was realized in 1970 despite his mother’s wishes that he follow in the footsteps of his banker father.

Luckily, his dad’s keen sense of financial acumen instilled many money skills that have enabled him to achieve his second major goal of having more than enough money to live on in retirement years. Now 66, Joe has achieved the financial success that many self employed people find elusive. A recent Forbes story shows 63% of Americans jacket-106would have a difficult time covering a $500 emergency. Early on, Joe knew he would have to diligently prepare for his financial future if he was to live a comfortable retirement life. In 1977 at the age of 26, Joe opened his first retirement account with $500 and now 40 years later, he works when he wants to.

Joe Martin was sharing his financial insight with others before Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman. While both Orman and Ramsey have bigger bank accounts, Joe Martin has walked in the shoes of a full time disc jockey for almost 50 years and knows how to “do it”. If you are one of those DJs that fears Social Security will not be around when you reach your retirement years, do not miss this session.

Joe Martin of All Star Disc Jockeys in Wichita Falls, Texas is a veteran of DJ conventions, having attended his first show in 1994 and speaking on the opening panel. Since that time, he has spoken at seminars across the country. While he has not spoken on a panel in almost 10 years, he is more that ready to share his sensible approach with you. He’s been featured in several trade magazines, local publication and has picked up various awards along the way.

Being successful in business is important. Being successful in retirement should be more important.