Wedding entertainment Industry Leader John Beck (Australia) with over 30 years of experience as a mobile DJ in Melbourne, is making the 8156 mile journey from down under. In 1983 John did work experience at a Melbourne radio station, 92.3 EON FM (now MMM), and also established and ran the college radio station, before studying at Clark Sinclair’s Radio School. That landed him his first job in radio as the office assistant at 3KZ (now GOLD FM). While John’s on-air career never made it to fruition, he started a mobile DJ business in 1986.

John found his passion for weddings after his first trip to America to attend the Mobile Beat DJ conference in Las Vegas in 2009. There John met some very talented, passionate and inspiring people, who showed him how serious they were about their craft, and helped hiJohn_BeckMicm triple his wedding bookings and income. John returned in 2011 to attend more seminars where he discovered he could do more intense training workshops to improve his skills in all aspects of entertainment, and to start working on becoming a true Master of Ceremonies entertainer and DJ.

John Beck now performs his services solely for weddings. While he finds weddings the most challenging events to DJ for, John also believes weddings to be the most rewarding DJ experiences.

“The Mobile Beat DJ show changed not just how I DJ, but my life. That’s why I am coming back for the 20th anniversary of Mobile Beat Las Vegas, to help other DJs by offering all my 30 years of experience so they don’t make as many mistakes as I did” – John Beck

John Beck (Australia) and Derek Pengelly (UK) have released  ‘Tips to Improve Your Wedding DJ Business: Wedding Marketing for DJs’. With over 60 years of experience between them, the book is sure to impress. The book is much more than a list of tips – it has everything thaJohn_BeckBookt you need to create a successful wedding business; from example surveys, service agreements, questionnaire’s, standard order of events, worksheets and even run sheets.It is available in the Mobile Beat Book store.