Mobile Beat Las Vegas is bringing it’s DJ Institutes even further this year with the introduction of the Sound Institute LIVE and the Lighting Institute LIVE. Both will be held during off times of the exhibit floor in the back of the exhibit area and will be accessible through the registration area of MBLV. 90 minute sessions where not only will our instructors be telling you about how to do Sound and Lighting they will show you in a lab environment with gear they use regularly. Check out this new excitement at MBLV24!

Get hands on training with Digital Gobos and Zoom Lekos

Digital Gobos 
           Pros & Cons
           Why keystoning is so important
           How to order or make a digital gobo
           Hardware: Projector specs, mounts, software
Digital Projections 
           Creating animated
           First dance fireworks projection
           Equipment needed
Ellipsoidals are still awesome
           Gobos & pattern washes
           Accent vs Immersive
           Creating a starry sky effect
           Everything you can spotlight
           Ceiling mounted vs stands
           Warm vs cool
Basics of Projection Mapping / Cake Mapping
           Hardware / software