Who doesn’t love Marc Summers? Maybe the former cleaning crew at Nickelodeon Studios Florida.

To the rest of us – those in our twenties, thirties and forties, now taking on the reigns of society as we know it – Summers is our version of bygone William Shatner’s and Milton Berle’s of earlier broadcast days.

Simply put, Marc Summers is the television icon of our time.

For those who somehow missed him as the host of Nickelodeon’s Double Dare and What Would You Do?, there he was again shepherding more than a decade of Unwrapped, Food Network’s longest-running series to date.

With the rushing wave of 80s/90s nostalgia continuing to crest, it’s no wonder that Summers channel surfs into the living rooms, dorms and computer/mobile screens of Americans everywhere as special guest on such shows as Workaholics and Robot Chicken or as regular guest on Guy’s Grocery Games.

He’s Marc Summers, after all, with a vibrant presence we see in regular stops at The View, The Rachael Ray Show and The Chew, as well as numerous online outlets like Business Insider, podcasts and radio stations around the country.

He’s as sought after today as ever: As our collective big brother or bubbly uncle, Summers’ greatest talent is his ability to evolve with changing trends while remaining consistent in his unbridled passion for each and every thing into which he invests himself.

Summers’ seemingly chaotic, rapid-fire lifestyle – crowded by countless celebrity friends and colleagues – drives On Your Marc with the forward-moving narrative of his new one-man show’s production.

A man who’s no stranger to live performances – having cut his teeth in magic and comedy shows at such hot spot venues as The Comedy Store and the Magic Castle for years before finding his niche in television – Summers’ entry into theater as a means of telling his story is one whose development will be well worth the watch for any diehard fan or curious novitiate alike.

Joining him on the multiple projects he keeps spinning like plates on the poles of the stage that is his life, viewers, along with Summers himself, will confront exactly who he is on the journey to creating his one-man show. Together, Summers and viewers will traverse the here, now and then of:

His childhood days on early TV mainstay Romper Room … to a prodigal radio career in his teens that left him replaced by none other than fellow Indianapolis son David Letterman … to forever changing television history with some of the very first programming specifically for kids, before helping to launch the Food Network as we know it today … to his near-death car accident two years ago, challenges with his (much overhyped) OCD and overcoming five years of cancer …

… all while hop-skip-and-jumping across the nation to juggle his work and growing family that makes him today a proud grandfather.