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Mark Ferrell is the leading and most respected speaker, trainer, and advocate for the mobile DJ industry worldwide, having presented keynotes, seminars, and workshops in more than 50 cities in the U.S., in the United Kingdom, Australia, and in Canada, and has keynoted several national and international industry convent?ions.?

Recognized as the mentor and trainer to the top earning performers in the industry (the trainer’s trainer), Mark has received acclaim by peers in the profession and honors including induction into the Mobile Beat Magazine’s Hall of Fame.  Mark provides inspiration and information that helps mobile DJs serve their clientèle more completely, which creates more opportunities for higher rates, more bookings, and legendary customer satisfaction. Mark conducts workshops, seminars, and discussions using speaking and presentation skills to help them accomplish that goal. From this effort, Mark has spawned more industry leaders, presenters, authors, and advocates than any other person in our industry.

The MarBecca Method is singular and unique. The MarBecca Method is comprised of two people with an indisputable record of experience, accomplishment, and innovation. The MarBecca Method is peerless.Mark is currently the ONLY full-time trainer and advocate in the mobile DJ industry, and is the only trainer and advocate who earned his family’s entire living as a single-system owner-operator DJ business without add-ons or extras, such as lighting and photo booth rentals. He is also the only trainer and advocate with an extensive history in the entertainment industry.

Mark Ferrell began his “Big Adventure” in 1983 when he met his wife Rebecca, fell in love, and they invented a one-of-a-kind DJ/Entertainment company, which led to a “movement” in the wedding industry.


Mark has spent his entire career working in the entertainment industry – from theme parks to radio, night clubs, voice acting, television, and even dancing on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. The last 15 years have been dedicated to improving the mobile DJ industry worldwide, with an acute eye on why.

In 1991, Mark left his radio job in favor of providing extraordinary entertainment for his clients as a full-time Mobile DJ. Mark consistently commanded a base fee of $3000+ for DJ services – 5 hours, 2-4 speaker cabinets, no lights, no extras – with an emphasis on high performance standards and client service.

During his tenure as a mobile DJ specializing in wedding reception entertainment and direction, he and his wife Rebecca created unique entertainment concepts, including Expanded Personalized Grand Entrances.

Through it all, Mark and Rebecca’s common theme has been and remains, “It’s ALL about LOVE.” This is a theme that permeates everything they think and do; and leads them daily. It is a theme that is multi-layered, broad, and all-reaching. As a result, the many and varied people that Mark and Rebecca interact with become their focus and main concern, which has been a richly rewarding way to live

In 2000 he gave a presentation at the Mobile Beat DJ show called “Getting What You’re Worth.” What began as a presentation he first gave in 1996 in Southern California, when Mark took the stage at the Mobile Beat DJ Show and informed the audience that most were being paid less than what the veggie tray cost at the wedding reception they were working?, that performance created a shift felt throughout the Mobile DJ Industry as a whole. In that moment Mark raised the bar. He created a global awareness that not only could DJs do better, they should do better because the benefit would be mutual for both themselves, being able to charge more, and for their clients, who would have a more successful event. His end goal is to multiply the success he and Rebecca achieved and extend that impact to the clients and audiences of those they train. Simply put, he wants DJs to do a much better job so that their events will be amazing, which can change lives and make the world a better place. Mark wants every DJ to live up to his or her fullest potential and achieve their highest level of success.Mark’s trademark presentation “Getting What You’re Worth” was a game changer and will forever be remembered as the seminar that shattered the status quo of DJs not charging enough to earn a living wage.This seminar is as relevant today as it was in 2000 and has since been embraced by small business owners outside of the Mobile DJ industry.

Following the success of the Mobile Beat Keynote in 2000 Mark delivered a groundbreaking presentation, “Getting What You’re Worth,” to Mobile DJs in St. Louis, Missouri in 2001. He realized the most effective way to help others make an immediate increase in the income, status, and respect of Professional Mobile DJs. His seminar had to be given to competing DJs in the same market in the same room at the same time. The Worth Tour was born and it has worked in every market he’s subsequently visited – over 40 in all.

?The consistent message?… that DJs needed to treat being a DJ as a profession and charge a professional rate?.?

Mark Ferrell’s Marbecca Method offered the first advanced training workshops designed for Mobile DJs. These one and two-day, intensive workshops center around the skills, techniques, and concepts that Mark and Rebecca Ferrell employed in their Mobile DJ business for over 13 years – drawing on an extensive background in the entertainment industry. The focus, teaching DJs professional Master of Ceremony skills including the Welcome, Grand Introduction, Toasts, Cake Cutting Ceremony and the original Love Story. A presentation style he created for his own wedding in 1989.

Mark’s diverse background puts him in a unique position to enlighten wedding professionals on the finer points of being extraordinary by providing inspiration, information, and training that helps them serve their clientele more completely, which creates more opportunities for higher rates, more bookings, and legendary customer satisfaction.