It’s been 20 years since Mark Ferrell first presented “Getting What You’re Worth” on a national stage at MBLV, and it has been resonating throughout the DJ World ever since.  They say “hindsight is 20/20” and Mark has looked back over two decades to bring a more focused message.  As Mark returns to MBLV23, he looks toward 2020 and beyond bringing him a renewed “Worth” message for a new generation of entertainers.  “GWYW” is about all mobile DJs – FT, PT, SIngle, Multi, Franchise, Employee, Etc.  It’s about supporting each other and how the entire industry can pull together to provide clients with the best possible service while also being compensated as professional entertainers.

Many times, it’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them……

Mark Ferrell is best known as the emissary of a simple yet far overdue message of self worth to an industry that was wandering with no clear direction. He has the unique ability to say plain things in interesting ways, and interesting things in plain ways. One can be a good speaker without creativity, but greatness comes from inventiveness and passion.

From a simple platform as a presenter in 1998 at an industry trade show, his influence spread, through speaking appearances around the world, to a series of workshops and seminars, to websites and podcasts.

He has been inducted into both the Mobile Beat and American Disc Jockey Association Halls of Fame.

His fervor for sharing a concept in an articulate yet simple way changed the business practices and mindsets of countless mobile disc jockeys and masters of ceremonies. His passion caused them to be convinced, not just because of his force of reasoning, but also because he visibly lives the beliefs he wants his audience to accept.