He began his DJ career in 1989 working for a multi-system DJ firm. With little training, low pay, long hours and multiple requests for him to perform personally, he left that company to build his own brand. That new company grew to become a leading multi-system company. Add in a degree (in marketing), minor in economics, his wife Tami’s degree in consumer science (buyer behavior), and together, they built a DJ company that became legendary. They sold that extremely successful multi-system DJ company for a significant amount of money (and got paid in full) in 2001. 

During the five year non-compete agreement that was attached to the sale, Matt entered the world of banking, finance and economics. In 2007, Matt re-emerged onto the Colorado wedding landscape as Colorado’s most requested MC/DJ for weddings and receptions with his new DJ entertainment company: Amore’ DJ Entertainment. He also launched a sister company, Fun For Business, Inc., America’s choice for customized, interactive seminars, TEAM Building Games and full event planning, production and consultation for corporate clients.

As an active sole owner-operator (doing 86 weddings last year and 22 corporate events), he brings the experience of PERSONALLY performing at OVER 1,649+ documented ceremonies and wedding receptions (along with 559 corporate events) to the table. He has the gift of being able to tap into the right side of his brain (to control creative thinking, perception, spotting patterns, imagination) as well as seamlessly float to the left side of his brain (analytic, language orientated, liner and objective) for business. This provides a unique understanding into marketing, branding, data and buyer behavior application for forecasting and planning.

Always a familiar face at Mobile Beat Las Vegas, and a reliable contributor to Mobile Beat magazine with thought provoking articles, he reached out to Mobile Beat three years ago with an idea to help the industry in fast changing market. He volunteered to create, analyze and produce the industry’s first annual “State of the DJ Industry” survey. With over 1,000+ completed survey each year, and now in its’ third year, it is still continuing to help DJs identify new trends and gain market and industry insight to grow and thrive.