As a child, Matt was the smallest kid in the class with some of the biggest ideas. This gave him the nickname “MegaMatt” which carried him through his years of growing up with some serious ambitions. He used his platform on the high school student council to plan his schools homecoming dances. Through planning these events, Matt transitioned from the one who hired the DJ to the guy they hired to DJ. He started his own Mega Matt Sound and Light Show to wow his classmates, and quickly was recognized by a local radio station.

After his senior year of highschool, the local radio station decided to get out of doing their mobile wedding gigs. Surprisingly, they trusted an 18 year old to handle the rest of the contracts, and the “Mega Matt Show” performed at over 30 wedding receptions in the first 12 months. Matt created local teen dances at a “party room” in a nearby town, and his audience began to grow.

From there, Matt surrounded himself with industry stalwarts such as John Rozz’s SSE, one of the Northeast’s longest and most successful DJ Entertainment Companies. After a couple of years learning from the best, Matt returned home to conquer his market.

Fast forward 20 years and over 2300 events later, Matt has become a dynamic wedding entertainer.

His wedding business, Elegant Affairs, steadily grew into a multi op, and in 2016 performed at 278 events. At this time, Matt had 16 part time employees and was doing training 1 to 3 nights a week with his crew. In addition to weddings and school events, his company ran sound for the Minnesota Vikings and MN Timberwolves sporting teams. Matt’s desire to entertain has grown from school cafeterias to packed arenas.

He produces a local show similar to Dancing With Stars that has proven to be a successful fundraiser for the American Red Cross. His production team provides sound and lighting for musical performers, boxing, and martial arts pay per view events, and keynote speakers at conventions. Matt often takes a coaching role, helping other performers realize their potential.

Matt views his DJ service as a marketing guinea pig. Realizing that his time in front 1000s a people each week, has taught him how to hold attention. Throughout the week, Matt uses his additional marketing company to help local businesses tell their story and get their products sold through social media, TV commercials, trade-shows, and graphic design.

Matt brings his knowledge of profitability, marketing expertise, and building one of the most successful companies in Southern Minnesota to MBLV23 in a  seminar titled “Giving Away The Farm.” It will focus on small ideas (that don’t cost much) that will give you a HUGE profit. Prepare to learn and take that knowledge to the bank.