With a VCR, a couple of suitcases and a box of CDs, Mitch Taylor embarked from his hometown in Maine of 450 people and traveled to Los Angeles CA to spin on board Carnival Cruise Lines as a club DJ.  It was a huge risk for a guy who had never been on a cruise ship before, never been to LA before much less never flown before.  Mitch did it in a matter of 2 days.  Mitch Taylor has learned a thing or two about taking risks and how to turn them into rewards.  Just like you, Mitch is a DJ, someone who loves to play music, entertain people and move people emotionally through all kinds of mediums.  Come to MBLV 20 and learn the 4 steps that you must take to achieve success as a Mobile DJ and how to apply each step to different facets of your business.

Mitch is a 21-year veteran of the Mobile DJ Industry, having produced educational content for DJs for years.   Most recently Mitch studied and trained with America’s #1 Authority on Sales Jeffrey Gitomer, earning his certification as a Gitomer Certified Advisor in February of 2015.  From America’s #1 best selling sales book of ALL TIME “The Little Red Book Of Selling” to “Customer Satisfactions Is Worthless…Customer Loyalty Is Priceless” Mitch can deliver Jeffrey Gitomer’s content to you and adapt it to your Mobile DJ Business in a way that’s easy to understand and implement with guaranteed results.