Louie La Vella (http://lavel.la) welcomes all MBLV attendees for this exciting and hands on social media marketing workshop. Bring your laptop and questions with you as we go through networking, an entertaining session on personal branding with social media, and a full hour of hands on workshop and Q+A time that can help skyrocket your business.
8AM-10AM: Morning Networking. 
There’s an 8AM in Las Vegas?? It’s no time to start learning, but it is the perfect time to roll in with a coffee and start to network with conference DJs and marketing experts. A great way to ask your questions one on one and get that one piece of marketing advice that can 10x your bookings.

10AM-11AM: You’re a Personal Brand. How do you use it to get more gigs.

Personal branding is now one of the biggest factors in success and failure. With social media behaviour starting to dictate how we live our lives, everyone is inadvertently becoming a “media company”. How will that last “selfie’ help your brand, or will it hurt it? What is the strongest way to use social proof to build trust and authority? Find out how Louie La Vella, a music festival and music marketing strategist, has used social media branding to skyrocket his own career in the music business as well as the careers and brands of major festivals, DJs and musicians.12472317_10156712370675307_2144370935819674048_n

Key Takeaways:

  • Actionable steps on growing your personal brand, with a specific goal in mind
  • Using targeted Facebook and Instagram ads to get more bookings on autopilot. 
  • Snapchat filters at your events. Use them or not use them?
  • The top 5 digital media styles that skyrocket awareness of yourself/business
  • How the theory of ‘1000 True Fans’  applies to many businesses industries 

11AM-12NOON. Hands on Social Media Workshop and Q+A Session.

Let’s get personalized answers to your social media questions. Hands on setup with Facebook and Instagram Ads to get more gigs on autopilot. An in person look at your social media accounts and how they need to tell a story in order to ‘sell’ your services to potential bookings. +more.
Get more information on Louie, http://fb.com/louielavella or http://louielavella.com