Location: Pavilion Main

Are you struggling with building the perfect “Rock Star” team to take your company to the next level?  Matt Radicelli, founder and CEO of the Rock The House family of companies in Cleveland, Ohio will share the secret sauce that allowed their single-op DJ business to grow into the successful production and entertainment company that it is today.

Whether you’re a single-op or multi-op, we’ll explore top-level methods for split second decision-making (like firing your best employees), goal setting (and goal getting), and next generation management techniques. If you’re looking to aggressively grow your business, you’ll also enjoy this executive summary of scalable systems and procedures that successful companies can’t live without!  With Radicelli leading off this year’s MBLV show, this engaging and informative presentation promises to prime the pump and get you thinking about setting your priorities straight. His rapid-fire approach to this presentation will most certainly lead to more questions than answers… but isn’t that the point?

Matt Radicelli

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