MOBILE BEAT LAS VEGAS has announced Paul Oakenfold as performance keynote for the MBLV21 event, coming up next March 13-16, 2017 at the Tropicana Las Vegas.

Paul Oakenfold is a leading pioneer of modern DJ culture and one of its most recognizable representatives. Mobile Beat is proud that he will not only be performing at MBLV21 but will also make a presentation on the education stage of the event. He’ll also be available at a meet and greet.

“This icon of the DJ industry is someone we have been building up to for years, and it will bring even more excitement for the younger DJs who look up to him as an innovator in the industry,” says Mobile Beat Publisher, Ryan Burger.

“I was so pumped when I heard about Paul Oakenfold being at Mobile Beat 21. I have been spinning his remixes since the Perfecto Mix days in the 90s. “Starry Eyed Surprise” still remains one of my favorite dance songs. I think that Oakenfold helped pave the way for many of the big name DJs today to come out as solo artists making original songs. He is truly a legend in the DJ world.” – Brad Dunsbergen, BCP Live and Mobile Beat Staff

Paul Oakenfold brings a universe of experience and passion to the next Mobile Beat Las Vegas. His career spans over three decades, and he has created hundreds of remixes with more that 100 culture-impacting artists. From bedroom DJ to world-touring super producer to mixshow master to DJ industry educator and everything in between, I think anyone in attendance can appreciate having someone like Paul Oakenfold at MBLV. I look forward to rocking with him on stage for all to enjoy!  – Jason Jani, MBLV21 Entertainment Director

When it comes to a career the magnitude of Paul Oakenfold’s it’s hard to encompass one of the true legends of electronic music into just words. For over 3 decades he has elevated and shaped an entire genre and remains one of the leading forces in the global music scene today.


From the DJ booth of the world’s hottest dancefloors to the studio producing groundbreaking records or pioneering soundtracks for Hollywood blockbuster movies, Paul Oakenfold’s diversity as an artist and performer have earned him accolades from critics and fans the world over. Gathering 3 Grammy Nominations along the way – this journey has been epic to say the least.

But let’s take a step back…..

The son of a musician, Paul Oakenfold always knew music would play a major role in his life. He was drawn to DJing in the late ’70s – spinning Funk in the cool hang outs of London’s Covent Garden.

In the ’80s two life-changing trips took place. Trips that each played their role in defining a generation.

In 1984 Paul spent several months living in New York City – working in A&R for the famed Champion Records – where he signed DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, as well as Salt-n-Pepa. The second trip was in 1987 – this time to the White Isle of Ibiza. Here Paul discovered the Balearic sound that filled the Ibiza air at clubs such as Amnesia. Inspired, he took the music and experiences back to the UK and became its ambassador – starting an underground scene in London, which soon spread virally across the entire country and beyond.

Paul 1Paul returned to Ibiza again and again – often holding residencies at the Island’s two main clubbing institutions Amnesia and Pacha. Around the same time Ministry Of Sound in London opened its doors for the first time with Paul Oakenfold as their resident. However it was his famed residency at UK super-club Cream in Liverpool during the late ’90s that brought Paul global respect as a true master of his art.

Paul Oakenfold’s stature as a DJ and entertainer has taken him beyond the normal club and festival circuit, playing landmark gigs that have changed the face of electronic music. Highlights include four worldwide tours warming up for Madonna and two for U2 (with both artists insisting on a DJ set from Paul instead of a support band); performing on the Great Wall of China and two sold out dates playing to 30,000 people at the Hollywood Bowl in California.

A year after his visit to Ibiza, Perfecto Records was born. Founded in 1988, Paul Oakenfold’s groundbreaking Perfecto label played an integral role in the birth of melodic trance and progressive house, with Paul at the helm producing massive international hits such as “Not Over Yet”, “Ready Steady Go”, “Bullet In The Gun” and “Southern Sun”.

With over half a million sales one of Perfecto’s most notable releases was the recent double album “Perfecto Las Vegas” which held the #1 spot on the US iTunes dance chart for ten weeks. This release solidified Paul’s stronghold as an International DJ power – as it achieved “highest selling DJ compilation ever released in US history”.


Astonishingly, despite all his success in the worlds of chart music and film, Paul Oakenfold has continued to tour relentlessly – playing over 190 shows in 2012 on his We Are Planet Perfecto and Four Season’s worldwide tours.  Oakenfold LogoHis weekly residency at legendary Las Vegas club Rain at Palms Casino Resort which ran weekly for three years gave birth to a scene which many now credit as being at the epicenter of recent US dance explosion.  And his weekly Planet Perfecto radio show is syndicated worldwide to 64 stations in 52 countries.

Paul Oakenfold is the original pioneer of DJ culture and is its most recognizable icon.